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ADFD Conducts Exploratory Meeting with the Government of the Maldives

Abu Dhabi,22 Dec 2016

His Excellency Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), welcomed the non-resident Maldivian Ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency Abdullah Hamid, to discuss renewed UAE-Maldives bi-lateral relations.
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The meeting, attended by ADFD’s senior management, explored new ways of collaboration and cooperation between the Fund and Maldives. Moreover, it highlighted joint endeavours, opportunities and partnerships within the Islands, to support the Maldivian government with its development goals.<br /><br />
Re-affirming ADFD’s commitment towards sustainable socio-economic growth, His Excellency Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, said: “Over the past four decades, the ADFD has enjoyed close and friendly ties with the Maldivian government. Our meeting today broadens these ties and solidifies relations for the future. Furthermore, at Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, we search for development efforts across the globe to enrich economies, implement change and deploy stimulus projects that benefit targeted populations and alleviate living standards to comply with societal demands.”<br /><br />
For his part, His Excellency Abdullah Hamid commended the UAE’s global initiatives for sustainable development. Moreover, he emphasised the Maldivian government’s keenness to work closely with the UAE to further constructive cooperation that in turn will boost job opportunities, economic output and social standards.<br /><br />
In addition, he recognized the Fund’s unique approach and monumental role towards aiding, supporting and driving growth in all key socio-economic sectors and ultimately equipping nations with the tools and means for longevity and prosperity.
Moreover, he applauded ADFD’s tailored strategy within the Maldives and highlighted the 2015 renewable energy project, which contributed to the generation of approximately 4 MW of power. The project helped boost the energy sector and the production of electricity in Addu; the second-largest inhabited city in the Maldives.

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1976 marks the first year of activity for ADFD within the Maldives. The Fund has since then contributed towards key efforts for growth and financed projects in the sectors of telecommunications, transport, housing and energy totalling more than AED 68.6 million.