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ADFD highlights sustainable solutions at Arab Climate Forum

Abu Dhabi, 13 Nov 2023
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) participated in the Arab Climate Forum, held in the UAE under the slogan “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: Together to Achieve Resilience and Social Development for Small Farmers”.

The sessions revolved around topics such as the impact of climate change on development plans and the negative effects on water and agriculture due to ecosystem deterioration. The participants emphasized the importance of uniting efforts for progress, ensuring food security’s sustainability and reducing its risks.

One of the sessions attended by His Excellency Mohamed Saif Al Suwaidi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, highlighted the social, economic, and environmental challenges linked to climate change. It emphasized the need for collective efforts to take decisive actions that directly reduce the worsening impacts of climate change and global food availability. The participants stressed the necessity to support small and medium agricultural projects, which they recognized as a crucial solution to tackle climate-related challenges. The promotion of sustainable agriculture was also emphasized as a means to improve the lives of many individuals.

H.E. Al Suwaidi highlighted ADFD’s efforts to achieve sustainable development goals in line with the national aspirations. He particularly focused on financing strategic projects and development programs to support the agricultural sector in achieving food security in developing nations. He also explained how the Fund facilitates financing for economic institutions to establish partnerships with countries having agricultural resources to boost agricultural production and sustainable food sources. Additionally, the Fund supports research institutions dedicated to adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

The forum’s overall conclusions underlined the significance of developing innovative solutions to tackle environmental challenges. This involves leveraging the best practices and experiences from leading nations to enhance the quality of quality. The participants emphasized the need for a contemporary development approach, which should intricately consider economic and social aspects while preserving the environment and its natural resources. The aim is to propel sustainable development forward.

The climate forum was organized by the Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND), Arab League, Arab NGO Network for Development, Arab Council for Childhood and Development, and Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government.