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Development Funding

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development’s (ADFD) operations in the area of funding focuses on two main areas:​

Concessionary Loans

"Since its establishment, ADFD has provided long-term development loans with concessionary interest rates to support vital projects in developing countries. It has specifically focused on infrastructure projects in sectors such as water, electricity, transportation, education and healthcare.
Projects are meticulously studied to assess their technical and economic feasibility and ensure that they positively impact the lives of people in beneficiary countries. The Fund endows recipient countries the right and power to distribute the loan were appropriate. This allows the beneficiary country the freedom to use the loan to achieve and sustain their vision for their country.

Funding applications can be submitted through:

  1. • Governmental entities: Ministries in charge of international borrowing, which include, Ministry of Finance or Ministry of International Cooperation etc...
  2. • Semi-governmental entities: Semi-governmental bodies or private companies with a government guarantee. A loan guarantee agreement will be signed with the government at the time of signing.

Funding Eligibility:

You are eligible for ADFD funding if:
  1. • Your application is for an infrastructure project such as energy, water, transportation, health, housing, education etc...
  2. • You are from a developing country that is included in the OECD’s “DAC List of ODA Recipients”.
  3. • The project falls within the government’s developmental priorities.
  4. • The project has a positive socio-economic impact in the country.

Funding Process

ADFD’s application process consists of the following steps:

Review of the Application Documents

Initial Assessment

Project Appraisal

Loan Approval

For more details, please visit the designated pages, Funding Process and Funding Policies.

Management of Government Grant​s

ADFD manages grants given by the Abu Dhabi government to fund vital projects in developing countries. The Fund’s responsibilities in this area include project management through direct supervision throughout its various stages according to a set of plans and goals. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has affirmed that for two years in a row, 2013 and 2014, and partly due to the altruistic and charitable grants by the UAE, ADFD was affirmed as the largest international development donor in the world per capita.

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