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Project NameCountryYear 
UAE-Indonesia Hospital for Cardiac Diseases Indonesia 2023
Supporting the regional development program Indonesia 2023
Supplying ambulances, fire engines & buses Chad 2023
Rehabilitation of the West Coast Road Seychelles 2023
Construction of an energy transmission line Tanzania 2023
Providing the city of Kifa with drinking water Mauritania 2023
Solar PV Battery Hybrid Belize 2020
Maafaru Airport (Phase II) Maldives 2022
Construction of 300 Social Housing Units in Berbera Somalia 2022
Completion of the Berbera-Hargeisa Border Road Somalia 2022
Agricultural Development in Karakalpakstan Uzbekistan 2022
Solar PV Plant Azerbaijan 2022
Public Treasury Support Jordan 2022
Minna-Bida Road Nigeria 2022
Construction of Aqueduct in Cordoba Argentina 2022
Infrastructure Development in Samarkand Uzbekistan 2019
Development of Al Dur plant (Phase II) Bahrain 2022
Development of Agricultural Production Systems Uzbekistan 2021
Food Industry Support Ethiopia 2021
Construction of a Fishing Port and an Ice Factory Mauritania 2021
Implementation of the Mother of the Nation Programme for Development Comoros 2021
Development of Main Roads and Intersections Guinea 2021
Water Network Development Lesotho 2021
Hybrid Power Plant Turkmenistan 2021
Airport Construction in Jebel Turkmenistan 2021
Waste-to-Energy Plant Maldives 2021
Rubengera-Muhanga Road Rwanda 2021
Off-grid Solar PV Systems Rwanda 2017
Education programme Palestine 2017
Infrastructure development projects Somalia 1978
Healthcare programmes Yemen 2017
Various development projects Colombia 2017
Feasibility studies Chad 2018
Supporting the general budget Chad 2018
Supporting the general budget Eritrea 2018
Feasibility studies Pakistan 2018
Medical equipment Yemen 2018
Maternity and Child Hospital Yemen 2018
Rehabilitating hospitals Yemen 2018
Solar power station Yemen 2018
Balance Of Payments Jordan 2018
Capacity building and the development of government work Egypt 2012
Rural electrification project in Kalongo Uganda 2008
Renewable energy for rural electrification Senegal 2018
Ile de Romainville solar project Seychelles 2018
Power Grid project in the island of Mahé Seychelles 2018
Wete Hospital Tanzania 2019
Support for SMEs Colombia 2019
Social Services Project Liberia 2019
Solar Power Plant Comoros 2019
Electricity Network Development – Phase 2 Comoros 2019
Agricultural Supplies Sudan 2019
Education Supplies Sudan 2019
Supply of 540,000 tonnes of wheat Sudan 2019
Medical and Pharmaceutical Supplies Sudan 2019
Support for Scientific Research Russia 2019
Olama-Kribi Road Cameroon 2019
Hydropower Project Solomon Island 2019
Balance Of Payment Mali 2019
National Social Housing Programme - Phase 2 Mali 2019
Support for Fiscal Balance Programme Bahrain 2019
Solar Power Station Burkina Faso 2019
Water Network Development Argentina 2016
Feasibility Studies Uzbekistan 2019
Ophthalmology Hospital Mauritius 2019
Solar PV Systems Mauritius 2019
Uvinza-Ilunde-Malagarasi Road Tanzania 2018
Support for balance of payments Maldives 2019
Provision of medical equipment and supplies Maldives 2019
Balance Of Payment Mali 2019
National Social Housing Programme Mali 2018
Maafaru Airport Maldives 2018
Hybrid Power Plant in Brava Island Cape Verde 2015
Solar Photovoltaic Plant Micronesia 2015
Argicultural Projects Guinea 2013
SH. Zayed Center for Children Kenya 1998
Anjwan Airport 2 Comoros 2012
Housing for areas effected by Earthquake Algeria 2004
Development projects Eritrea 2017
Solar Power Plants Eritrea 2016
Support for heavy equipment fleet Eritrea 2015
Electricity network development Comoros 2017
University District in Taza Morocco 2017
Medicine and Pharmacy College Morocco 2014
Primary School in Asilah Morocco 2011
Technology University Block in Taza and Kenitra Morocco 2017
University District in Kenitra Morocco 2017
Development Projects 4 Morocco 2015
Support the Climate Change International Conference Morocco 2016
Development Projects 2 Morocco 2015
Development Projects 3 Morocco 2015
Asilah Museum Morocco 2015
Development Projects Morocco 2015
Development Projects 1 Morocco 2015
Rural Development Programme Morocco 2017
Projects in Asilah Morocco 2017
Oued Nekkour-Kassita Road Improvement Morocco 2017
Sidi Allal Elbahrawy to Almaha Forest Road Morocco 2017
Solar Power Plant in Toshka Egypt 2017
High Speed Train (1) Morocco 2016
Guelmim Airport Expansion Morocco 2015
Grain Silos Jordan 2016
Wildlife Conservation (2) Jordan 2017
King Hussien Medical City Expansion Jordan 2015
Development Programme for Public Universities Jordan 2015
Khalifa Bin Zayed Institute Bahrain 2017
Freight Boats Support Yemen 2017
Bahrain International Airport Bahrain 2014
Health Support Yemen 2016
Feeding Support Yemen 2016
Women Health Support Yemen 2016
Balance Of Payments 2 - Tunisia Tunisia 2015
Nutrition Support Yemen 2016
Balance Of Paymant 3 - Sudan Sudan 2015
Balance Of Paymant Sudan 1980
Velana International Airport Maldives 2017
Balance Of Paymant 2 - Sudan Sudan 2015
Support for balance of payments Maldives 2017
Feasibility Studies of Investment in the Saffron Industry Afghanistan 2016
Khalifa bin Zayed Institution India 2015
Development Projects Afghanistan 2016
Supporting the activities of the Emirates Committee (Phase 2) Afghanistan 2015
Solar Power Project Vanuatu 2014
Loan Facility Serbia 2016
Solar Power Project Tuvalu 2014
Economic Development Sudan 2015
The Geothermal Energy Saint Vincent & the Grenadines 2018
Support Of The Balance Of Payment Seychelles 2015
Ground Mounted Solar Plant Nauru 2015
Solar Penetration and Water Acess Palau 2015
Solar Power Project Marshall Island 2015
Small Scale Waste To Energy Maldives 2015
Balance Of Payments - Jordan Jordan 2015
Loan Facility Libya 2015
Burooj Residential City Egypt 2017
Loan Facility Guinea 2015
Financing Of Joint Economic Projects Guinea -Bissau 2015
Grid Concentrater Solar Pv Cuba 2015
Finance Of Joint Economic Projects Bangladesh 2015
Solar Energy for Rural Electrification Burkina Faso 2015
Support The General Budget Serbia 2015
Hybrid Solar And Wind Power Antigua and Barbuda 2017
Construction of Mosque Kazakhstan 2011
Nahueve Hydropower Argentina 2016
Balance Of Paymant 1 - Sudan Sudan 2015
Wind Power Project Oman 2015
Dams Upper Atbara And State Sudan 2015
Emirates Hospital Pakistan 2016
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Port Jordan 2015
Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Mali 2015
Support Of Agricultural Sector Montenegro 2015
Balance Of Payment 2 Djibouti 2015
Ground Mounted Solar Plant Solomon Island 2014
Manzini-Mbadlane Highway Eswatini 2015
Education Support Syria 2014
Provision of Prostheses Syria 2014
Health Support 2 Syria 2014
Supporting Humanitarian Coordination Syria 2014
Food Support Syria 2014
Nutrition Project 2 Syria 2014
Providing Food Security Syria 2014
Health Support Syria 2014
Nutrition Support Syria 2014
Medicine and Pharmacy College Preparation Works Morocco 2017
Meknes Housing Units Morocco 2014
East Housing Units Morocco 2014
Tangier Housing Units Morocco 2014
Marrakech Housing Units Morocco 2014
Casablanca Housing Units (1) Morocco 2014
Pullman Housing Units Morocco 2014
Food Industry Institute Morocco 2014
Vocational Training Institutes Morocco 2014
Institute Specialising in Aircraft Equipment and Airport Logistics Morocco 2014
Transportation and Logistics Vocational Institutes Morocco 2014
Two Institutes Specialised in Communications, Media and Outsourcing Morocco 2014
Al Soussi University District Morocco 2014
University Town in Agadir Morocco 2014
Mohammed VI University Hospital Expansion Works Morocco 2014
Agadir University Female Campus Expansion Morocco 2014
Electricity Networks Regulation and Expansion Morocco 2014
Drinking Water for Khouribga City Morocco 2014
Development of Power Plants Morocco 2014
Khroub Dam Morocco 2014
Drinking Water for Dakhla City Morocco 2014
Drinking Water for Boujdour City Morocco 2014
Mohammedia Port Morocco 2013
Casablanca Railway Station Morocco 2013
Water Support Syria 2014
Supporting the activities of the Emirates Committee Afghanistan 2014
Casablanca Port Morocco 2013
Solar Power Plant Fiji 2014
Solar Power Project Kiribati 2014
Sheikh Zayed Road Bahrain 2013
Housing Units in the Northern City Bahrain 2013
Balance Of Payments - Tunisia Tunisia 2015
Constrcution of Heart Center Bahrain 2013
Reclamation Works in East Sitra Bahrain 2013
Waste Water Treatment Station in Northen City Bahrain 2013
Development of Water Transfer Network Bahrain 2013
Construction of Housing Units in Northern City Bahrain 2013