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Project details

Etude Sousse Nord Tuni
  • Country
  • Tunisia
  • Year
  • 1974
  • Sector
  • Tourism & Hotel
  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Type
  • Loan

Tourism represents one of the most important and key economic sectors in Tunisia and is the most accommodating sector for labor as well as one of the most prominent sources of income in hard currency. Tunisia enjoys unique tourist potentials, combining stunning nature and historic sites, which allows it to double the number of tourists coming from various parts of the world. Therefore, ADFD, as part of its efforts to support the overall development process in the country, paid special attention to supporting the tourism sector, as one of the main engines of economic growth. This attention was reflected in ADFD's finance of establishing a marina for boats and yachts capable of accommodating 335 boats, which was a central element within the project of Port El Kantaoui, established on an area of 270 hectares north of Sousse, and included a range of vital tourist facilities, such as 4-star hotels, 200 hotel apartments and a playground area of 70 hectares, in addition to public utilities.

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