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Project details

Fisheries Development
  • Country
  • Burundi
  • Year
  • 1976
  • Sector
  • Agriculture
  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Type
  • Loan

The project aims at making use of the nature of arable land to plant sugarcane, in addition to encouraging industries in the country by establishing a factory for sugar production. This will contribute in improving country economy and in operating a number of workers in the country. The project consists of two parts: (A)Agricultural works:This includes preparation and planting of a total area of 1925 hectares of which there are 1416 hectares planted by sugarcane. Land will be prepared during the first year, while sewerage system will be established during the third year with the rate of 472 hectares per year. Irrigation Canal will be excavated to irrigate 1228 hectares using gravity, while the other 218 hectares will be irrigated by pumps from the water of Mayafoozy and Motestendozi rivers. (B)Sugar factor: It is a traditional factory of a production capacity of 1000 tons of sugarcane per day. These 1000 tons may be increased to 1500 tons per day by adding some other ingredients. Sugar is extracted using traditional method of compressed vapor.

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