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Project details

Labe - Seriba - Gounasse Road
  • Country
  • Guinea
  • Year
  • 2009
  • Sector
  • Transportation
  • Status
  • Completed
  • Project Type
  • Loan

The project aims to support the country's economy through the support of the road sector where road mobility becomes easy as well as the transportation of goods between Guinea and Senegal and connected easily to the necessary services. Funding for the road project (Labé - Sereba - City of Gunas) was motivated by its vital role in promoting trade between Guinea and Senegal, as well as with Bissau, Mali and Gambia. With a total length of 370 km, the road penetrates 300 km deep in the Guinean territory and 70 kilometers inside the territory of Senegal. 80 km were added within Senegal, as recommended by the African Development Bank, so that the road becomes a regional project. The road links the cities of Labi and Serea and Gunas city. And the work includes rebuilding and restoration and rehabilitation of the existing road and in addition to the necessary services and safety requirements.

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