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About Us

Abu Dhabi Exports Office (ADEX) was established by Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, to provide buyer’s credit facilities in form of loans and guarantees to boost and open new markets for UAE exports.

The initiative seeks to support the national economy and enhance its competitiveness in line with the UAE’s strategies aimed at advancing economic diversification as a pillar of sustainable development, through expanding the range of export products and commodities.


Build a diversified and sustainable national economy

Enhance the competitiveness of non-oil national exports in international markets

Protect national companies from potential payment default risk


Facilitates exports by providing credit to foreign buyers to import goods from UAE

Paid by ADEX to the UAE exporters on behalf of the foreign buyer

Can be a transaction specific financing or a revolving/renewable credit limit

Can be offered to foreign buyers of products/services of an overseas UAE related company (at least %30 UAE ownership)

Short, medium and long-term financing facilities for the foreign buyer (up to 15 years)

Competitive and attractive interest rates

Product Overview

ADEX’s Buyer's Credit financing tools (direct and indirect export credit) aim to motivate UAE exporters to explore new markets. Through these tools, the overseas buyer can import goods and services from the UAE on deferred payment terms and competitive rates. As a result, the UAE exporter enjoys lower complexities of international trade transactions such as payment default risk, and also better competes in the international market.

Indirect Financing (loans)

Opening a credit line with financial institutions in the importing countries to provide importers with funds to purchase goods or services from a UAE source.



Revolving credit facility

Financing value

Up to 100% of the export contract value


AED or US$

Interest rate


Minimum account


Loan period

Up to five years

Direct Financing (loans)

Direct loan to a foreign importer (government/private) to purchase goods or services from a UAE source.



Non revolving loans

Financing value

Up to 90% of the export contract value


AED or US$

Interest rate


Minimum account

US$ 3 million

Loan period

Up to 15 years

Direct financing (guarantees)

Payment guarantee to a financial institution to provide a loan to a foreign importer (Government- Privet) to purchase goods or services from a UAE source.



Payment guarantee

Guaranteed amount

Up to 90% of the export contract value


AED or US$

Guarantee commission

Fixed percentage of the contract value paid upfront

Minimum account

USD3 million

Guarantee period

Up to 15 years

Financed Goods and Services

ADEX provides financing for goods and services such as consumer and capital goods, as well as raw materials and everything related to infrastructure projects and consultancy services

Broad Terms & Conditions

Credit Limit Currency Tenor

Up to 100% depending on the type/risk of the transaction. AED or US$ Up to 15 years

Eligible Foreign Buyers

Sovereign governments/ government-owned entities/ private companies and financial institutions with satisfactory track record and sound financials

Eligible UAE Exporters

UAE exporters with satisfactory track record and sound financials




Foreign buyer/importer requirements:

  • Acceptable creditworthiness of beneficiary
  • The goods and services must be of UAE origin, and contain a local value-added not less than 15%

Not each transaction requires a guarantee. If required, the type of guarantee is determined depending on the type of transaction, in addition to the credit rating of the foreign buyer and their country. Example: letters of guarantees, real estate, other assets, etc.

Governments of countries, as well as foreign buyers (be it financial institutions or companies from the public or private sector) seeking to import goods and services from the UAE.

As well as the UAE exporters and UAE related companies, as ADEX will be disbursing the value of goods and services directly to them, protecting them from cross-border risk and non-payment. This will also contribute to enhancing competitiveness and facilitating entry into new markets.

Financing percentage depends on the type of financing requested:

  • Direct financing

    Financing value: Up to 90%of the export contract value (minimum amount of US$3 million)

  • Indirect financing

    Financing value: Up to 100% of the export contract value (minimum amount of US$100,000)

Minimum of 15%

Financing is provided to the foreign importer/buyer purchasing goods and services from national companies in the UAE - irrespective of size (small, medium or otherwise), as long as they are able to meet the requirements of the foreign importer/buyer.

ADEX issues a letter of guarantee to financial institutions, guaranteeing the foreign importer/buyer in order for them to obtain financing to purchase goods or services of UAE origin.

All industry sectors (goods and services) excluding crude oil

Support is initially aimed at companies that export goods and services of UAE origin. Other applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account their contribution towards the growth of the UAE national economy.

It depends on the UAE's foreign strategies and on the global variables in international trade

No. ADEX caters to all national companies that export goods and services of UAE origin.

There is a big difference between the role of ADEX and other stakeholders in Dubai and the other Emirates. ADEX is the only national entity in the UAE that provides loans and guarantees to a foreign importer wishing to purchase goods and services from the UAE. Moreover, ADEX’s services complement those which are offered from other entities and financial institutions in the country.

ADFD has long established experience spanning over 48 years in field of developmental finance and investment in over 90 countries. In addition to, having the technical expertise in evaluating projects and assessing cross border risks, be it economic or political. Also, our work in the field of extending concessionary loans to assist development in countries, has gained us good reputation internationally, which we believe will provide opportunities of opening new markets for UAE exports and ease in building partnership with institutions in those countries and UAE businesses.

ADEX aims to complement the role of banks and not compete. UAE commercial banks offer service to companies based in UAE for transactions in or outside UAE. ADEX, meanwhile, only looks at financing the foreign buyer (not the UAE Company) and only looks into overseas export transactions.

ADEX has established policies and procedures to minimize default risk and the same needs to be following when considering any transaction. To determine a transactions creditworthiness, ADEX carries out detailed assessment / due diligence on the borrower and its country in term of financial standing of the importer and the political and economic situation of the importer’s country. ADEX also assess the risks and the nature of each transaction before approving the financing.

Khalifa Fund mandated to offer financial support for SMEs and development projects in the UAE in form of loans, guarantees, or equity participation.  It involves extending loans and guarantees from local commercial banks for SMEs, development, industrial projects and commercial transactions.   Additionally Khalifa Fund provides financing to UAE companies.   ADEX, on the other hand, provides facilities to overseas buyers, which complements the role of Khalifa Fund.

ECI provides insurance covering commercial and non-commercial risks involved in all exports including re-export regardless of its origin. Some of the risk covered are:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Default on buyers side despite uae companies fulfilling their commitment
  • Refusal of importer to accept export documents despite exporter meeting their obligation

Whereas ADEX provides financing including guarantees to local or overseas banks, who offer lending to overseas buyers purchasing goods and services of UAE origin.

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