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Abu Dhabi Fund for Development welcomes you and appreciate your desire to become a vendor and a partner of success. Approved supplier users will be registered at ADFD Prospective Supplier registration page for access to the iSupplier portal. Registered suppliers will receive valid UserID and Password login credentials via email from designated ADFD Supplier administrator. The email information will also include the appropriate link to the iSupplier login page for access. To Register with us please find the link below, if you are already register login through the link below:

User Manuals:

-Supplier portal user manual
-Supplier portal registration manual

Supplier should read and accept the following terms and conditions as a precondition for registering in the ADFD Suppliers Register:

  • All information provided by me to ADFD through supplier registration process is correct and true and reflects the true reality of our business.
  • The data related to the supplier’s account must be updated on ADFD Suppliers Registration System, if contact details, business status, or banking details are changed. Otherwise, the supplier will not receive any RFP on ADFD’s tenders.
  • Completion of supplier registration procedures does not guarantee that the supplier will receive RFP to participate in the Tender / Practice or that the Company has become an ADFD approved supplier. Registration only represents the first step of a compulsory process that must be performed to work with ADFD and the latter reserves the right to accept or reject applications according to ADFD’s needs.
  • All emails, faxes, and letters sent by the postman or delivered by hand after confirming their receipt constitute official correspondence between the supplier and ADFD.
  • The supplier shall read and understand all Tender Documents issued by ADFD and ensure that all requirements, terms, and conditions are reviewed and studied, and should comply therewith.
  • The supplier shall fully adhere to all instructions set forth in the Tender Document / Documents regarding preparing and sending Bids and reply to any tender or practice launched by ADFD.
  • The supplier shall maintain confidentiality of confidential information, and shall not disclose any information it receives from ADFD to any other unauthorized party, unless the supplier obtains the written consent of ADFD.
  • The supplier hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Company / Establishment will be blacklisted upon working with ADFD, if the supplier:
    • sends incorrect, forged, or fabricated information or documents to any government authority inside or outside the State;
    • is convicted of corruption offenses or financial cases involving a breach of honor, and the like;
    • commits a misconduct while dealing with ADFD or any other clients;
    • directly or indirectly participates in setting prices related to third parties; affects, in any way, the bidders; and prejudices neutrality, transparency and equality in tender procedures;
    • provides ADFD with false information about the quality of goods, services, skills of employees, and track record;
    • unjustifiably fails to duly and timely perform its contractual obligations and to deliver goods and services on time;
    • o violates the tender procedures during any stage of the tender and after awarding the Contract, by communicating with units other than the Procurement and Contracts Unit in ADFD, unless the supplier obtains ADFD’s written permission to do so; or
    • an ADFD’s employee has a minimum of 20% of the supplier, or the supplier’s owner is a first or second degree relative of an ADFD’s employee.

I, in my capacity as the representative of the Company / Establishment applying for registration in ADFD Suppliers Register and in may capacity as the person authorized to register, acknowledge that I read all the conditions set forth herein below and I will comply therewith.

* ADFD reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice. If any changes are made, they will be published on ADFD’s official website.

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