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Advancing Together

ADFD follows the UAE’s vision as a guiding principle as it strives to bring economic prosperity in developing countries, while supporting the national economy and enhancing its global competitiveness. #ADVANCING_TOGETHER_TO_DEVELOPMENT.

ADFD Efforts to support the renewable energy sector

#ADFD is promoting #sustainability through strategic projects all over the world to limit the effects of climate change and drive economic growth in developing countries.

ADFD's Development Financing Impact

A video highlighting ADFD’s development projects in developing countries in crucial sectors, and showing the impact of these projects on the lives of the citizens in those countries.

ADEX 2nd Anniversary

Today marks two years since the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Export Office, in line with the national strategy for economic diversification. #ADEX provides financing solutions to support the national exports sector and enables UAE's exporters within the non-oil sectors to expand their businesses and explore new markets globally, thus promoting the UAE’s position as a trusted global trade partner.

Funding Procedure

Funding Procedure

ADFD in 50 Years

The achievements of the #Abu_Dhabi_Fund_for_Development during the past fifty years have made the #UnitedArabEmirates reach advanced positions in the field of development, and through our funding initiatives we were able to make qualitative leaps that contributed to economical and societal recovery in various nations. In the footsteps and vision of our wise leadership, we will continue the journey of #development and achievement for the next fifty years.

The Ile de Romainville Solar Park - Seychelles

The Ile de Romainville Solar Park contributes to the Seychelles’ effort to achieve environmental sustainability goals. The project included designing and installation of solar panels utilizing maximum land, in addition to maintenance of the wind turbines and minimizing shadows cast by them.