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Funding Process​​

ADFD’s mission is to help developing countries achieve sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty. To do so, we provide concessionary financial resources in the form of sovereign loans that satisfy the concessional conditions in accordance with the requirements of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). ADFD’s application process consists of the following main steps:

  • 1 Review of the Application Documents

    Official submissions should come from government through the ministry in charge of international borrowing

    All requests should indicate that the project is within development priorities

    The request for funding should be supported by an economic feasibility study, projected cash flow and the financing plan

  • 2 Initial Assessment

    Review of the submission and evaluation of the economic feasibility process allows the ADFD to understand the project, and coordinate with other financing institutions involved in funding the projects.

  • 3 Project Appraisal

    The appraisal process allows ADFD to ascertain the economic conditions, review the soundness of the feasibility study, assess the validity of the cost estimate and assess the capabilities of the beneficiary in administering, executing, operating and maintaining the project. (ADFD may accept appraisal reports conducted by one of the other financing institutions.)

  • 4 Loan Approval

    Once approved by ADFD’s Board of Directors, the beneficiary will be notified and the loan negotiation process will commence in preparation for the loan signature