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Abu Dhabi Fund for Development’s (ADFD) operations in the area of investments focuses on two main areas:

Liquidity Management

ADFD adopts a highly flexible and secure strategy in liquidity management to maximize its revenues. This is achieved through channelizing investments to various financial instruments that enjoy high levels of security, including bonds and bank deposits. The liquidity management strategy is designed to generate additional revenues and meet the financial obligations of ADFD in a timely manner. ​


ADFD invests in companies in various countries around the world either through full ownership or equity sharing in partnership with public or private companies. The Fund’s investment strategy complements its mission to accelerate economic development in beneficiary countries. It invests in companies that play a vital role in stimulating economic growth and creating job opportunities across sectors such as tourism, industry, holding companies, real estate, and private equities.​​​

List of ADFD’s Equities​

Company / Fund Sector Ownership Percentage
UAE: Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production Agriculture & Fisheries 12%
UAE:Adnoc Distribution Oil & Gas​ 0.3%​
Sudan: Al Dhabi Development Company Holding 100%​
Morocco: Rebab Holding 82.8%
Morocco: Union Maroc Emirats Arabes Unis de Pêche(UMEP) Agriculture & Fishery 40%
Morocco: Ciments du Maroc (CIMAR) Construction 4.8%
Egypt: AD Tourism Investment Company Tourism 84.3%
Tunisia: Sousse Nord for Research and Development Tourism 32.3​%
Tunisia: Automobile Reseau Tunisien et Services Automobiles 9.3%
Oman: Raysut Cement Company Construction 15%
Southeast Asia: Quadric Capital Fund Private Equity Investment 4.8%
Southeast Asia: Abraaj/Aureus Private Equity Funds 6.5%
Bangladesh: UAE-Bangladesh Investment (UBICO) Holding 60%
South Africa: Ethos Private Equity Investment 2.9%
South Africa: Africa Capitalization Fund ​Private Equity Funds 11.97%
Austria: Austrian Conference Center Vienna Real Estate 7.5%​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Uzbekistan: Abu Dhabi Uzbek Investment Company
​Thailand: Minor International (MINT)
Turkmenistan: Turkmen Investment Company