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ADFD Funding Procedures

ADFD Funding Terms & Conditions

ADFD Funding Procedures

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Social and Health

Strategic Industry

Strategic Housing Projects

Strategic Water and Electricity Projects

Agriculture Projects

United Arab Emirates a Founding Member in AIIB

The UAE joined AIIB as one of the 57 founding members of the bank in April 2015. The government mandated (ADFD) to represent the country at AIIB and coordinate with the bank's management in following up on the status of the funded projects.

ADFD Corporate Brochure

The booklet includes facts and figures about the origins of ADFD, the size of its funding, beneficiary countries, the number of financed projects and the Fund's development investments.

ADFD Investment

The booklet presents background information on ADFD’s investment portfolios that support diverse economic sectors in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

UAE Pacific Partnership fund

The booklet includes a description of the partnership programme between the UAE and the Pacific island countries, launched in 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. At a total value of US$50 million, the initiative is funded by ADFD and executed by Masdar. The brochure also contains an overview of the 11 energy projects financed by the Fund as part of the initiative.

Withdrawal Procedures Booklet

The booklet outlines the conditions for the withdrawal of payments from concessionary loans, the withdrawal authorisation procedures, and the list of goods and services financed by the loans.