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Abu Dhabi Fund for Development Hosts Seminar on Workplace Innovation Policies

Abu Dhabi,12 Dec 2016

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi (ADDED) hosted a seminar, on the importance of innovation in the workplace across the UAE. In attendance were ADFD’s employees and senior management. Faisal Al Hamoudi, ADDED Integrated Innovation Programme Manager, led the seminar.
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Commending the UAE leadership on the National Innovation Strategy, His Excellency Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi, ADFD Director General, said: “With our wise leadership guiding us on a path to innovation, the UAE leads by example. At ADFD, we have embraced this culture; we envision a future full of opportunities with our employees encouraged to think outside the box - contemplate an idea, research it, pitch it and, finally, implement it in full.”<br /><br />
He added: “We as a nation at the forefront of governance have the resources, the tools, the means and the capabilities to drive real change. Let us not shy away from that.”<br /><br />
ADDED is dedicated to achieve economic development in the Emirate and regulate economic and commercial affairs in-order to serve the national interest. <br /><br />
Re-affirming ADDED’s commitment towards complete integration of innovation policies across national entities, Al Hamoudi said: “ADDED’s innovation programme, established in 2011, aims to support inventors and foster innovative ideas, thus generating greater economic returns.” <br /><br />
The initiative underpins the importance of knowledge-based sectors’ involvement in adopting innovation policies. Its fundamental areas of focus and reach are twofold: the first includes individuals, universities and small to medium businesses, and the second targets large companies and conglomerates.

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The ADDED innovation programme is keen on advancing the UAE’s technological readiness by implementing nationwide policies and guidelines on patents in order to protect inventions by academic institutions, companies and individuals.