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water project Zainzibar & Pemba – Tanzan...

Rural Electricity Oujda - Morocco

Housing Project - Seychelles

The Public Relations and Media team at Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) strives to communicate its activities and achievements to its stake holders as well as the members of general public using different tools. This section includes the latest news on ADFD, annual reports, bulletins, visual materials, and images.


In-line with the Government of Abu Dhabi’s vision to eliminate global poverty through supporting sustainable development, ADFD continue to achieve important milestones and expand its scale of operations and activities across developing nations. This section provides latest news on ADFD’s activities and achievements.


In recognition of the importance of promoting transparency, accountability and integrity, the Public Relations and Media team at ADFD issues newsletters and annual reports to disseminate important information and statistics on the Fund's activities, projects, and performance results and milestones.

Success Stories

In line with its vision to become a model institution in providing development assistance that alleviates global poverty, ADFD has achieved several success stories in the field of international development. This section takes you through some successful projects that ADFD has undertaken to accelerate socio-economic development across the world. Read More >