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Project details

Infrastructure Development in Samarkand
  • Country
  • Uzbekistan
  • Year
  • 2019
  • Sector
  • Others
  • Status
  • In Progress
  • Project Type
  • Loan

ADFD is working to improve infrastructure and the quality of life in Samarkand. The initiative focuses on water distribution networks, sanitation, as well as roads, pavements and bicycle lanes. It also aims to raise the efficiency of concerned authorities through training programs on operations and maintenance. The project, which will boost management efficiency across the water sector through modern technology, also includes supporting the water production and treatment ecosystem by drilling 59 wells with a total supply capacity of 40,000m3 per day, sanitisation of the water distribution network, and installation of a real-time monitoring system. Distribution and sewage networks will be improved by replacing 28km waterpipes within the distribution network, 6.7km within the sewage network, expanding and maintaining 38.5km of roads in Samarkand through monitoring systems, and training individuals at the entities responsible for operating the project.

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