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Key Sector

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development aims through its financing initiatives to promote infrastructure development in emerging countries. Development projects globally help alleviate the suffering of people most in need and empower them with new jobs that impact the performance of key economic sectors and improve the overall living conditions of the population.

The most important of these sectors are:



ADFD prioritizes the support and financing of road projects in developing countries. ADFD’s efforts in this area focus on the construction of asphalted roads, expansion and development of highway networks, and providing advisory services for the implementation of the projects.

Of these projects, the 244-kilometer road of Nema - Banco - Bassiknou - Fasala in Mauritania is noteworthy.



ADFD finances industrial projects, leveraging the availability of qualified and low-wage manpower in beneficiary countries to promote their export of industrial products and supplement currency reserves.

Key projects include XX


Health Care

ADFD supports the healthcare sector in developing countries through the construction of hospitals and specialized health centers. The Fund seeks to expand the capacity of existing centers as well as step up the levels of medical care provided at these centers.

The construction of an anti-tumor center and the expansion of King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan are key examples of ADFD’s efforts at providing quality healthcare.



ADFD seeks to finance projects in countries where agriculture constitutes the primary source of income for a large segment of the population. The Fund seeks to meet the growing food needs of these countries by raising crop production and improving agricultural exports.

Of these projects: XX



ADFD accords special attention to power generation projects and supports the construction of power plants, as well as the rehabilitation of production lines. The Fund also seeks to increase the production capacity of existing plants in developing countries to meet the growing demand for power from their rapidly growing population.

Of these projects, the construction of the 100MW thermal power station in Guinea at a total cost of AED224.2 million is a notable achievement for the Fund.


Water Sector

ADFD is implementing vital projects in developing countries to enhance the supply of water resources for drinking or agricultural purposes through drilling water wells, building and improving irrigation networks, and constructing dams to collect and store rainwater.

Of these projects, the Marib Dam project in Yemen, which was funded by a government grant in 1986, is a notable highlight.



ADFD implements several housing projects in developing countries to provide adequate housing for families of low-income workers. ADFD finances the construction of housing projects, as well as roads and sewerage systems.

Of these projects, the Sheikh Zayed City housing project in Egypt developed through a grant worth AED735 million as well as the construction of social housing units in six cities in Morocco valued at AED829.48 million are significant.


Renewable Energy

In 2009, ADFD signed a partnership agreement with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to provide soft loans worth AED1.28 billion to finance renewable energy projects in developing countries - through an allocation of AED183 million annually over a seven year period.

ADFD is currently funding renewable energy projects in Ecuador, Maldives, Mali, Samoa, Mauritania and Sierra Leone at a total value of AED150.6 million. The Fund has also launched a partnership program with countries in the Pacific Region by facilitating a grant valued at AED183.6 million.