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Funding Operations

       Abu Dhabi Fund for Development seeks to enable developing countries to achieve their development goals by funding projects in key economic sectors. It seeks to improve living standards and empower people to be part of their countries’ growth. ADFD’s funding operations focus on two main areas:

• Development funding via concessionary loans and managing governmental grants


• Improving the Fund’s revenues through direct investment in the developing countries and investing in financial instruments, such as equities and bonds

This page will give you a detailed account on the key funding operations of ADFD:

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Development Funding

          Direct development funding is ADFD’s most important financial activity. The Fund provides and manages funds in the most vital economic sectors in developing countries. Development funding includes the following:       

1. Concessionary Loans

        Since its establishment, ADFD has provided long-term development loans with concessionary interest rates to support vital projects in developing countries. It has specifically focused on infrastructure projects in sectors such as water, electricity, transportation, education and healthcare.

         The funded projects are selected carefully to ensure that they contribute effectively to sustainable economic development in the beneficiary countries. Projects are meticulously studied to assess their technical and economic feasibility and ensure that they positively impact on the lives of people in the beneficiary countries.

  To know more about the application procedures for development loans from ADFD, please visit the “Funding Policies and Procedures” page.

2.Managing Governmental Grants

         Abu Dhabi Fund for Development manages the grants given by the UAE Government to fund vital projects in developing countries. The Fund’s responsibilities in this area include project management through direct supervision, and following up of project implementation throughout it various stages according to a set of plans and goals.

3. Investments

        Abu Dhabi Fund for Development manages a diversified investment portfolio to increase its revenues and and ensure continuity of engagement with the developing countries. It follows a highly flexible investment policy and efficiently manages its liquidity by investing in financial instruments with variable terms.


The Fund’s investment instruments include the following:

1. Equities

        ADFD invests in companies in various developing countries either through full ownership or equity sharing in partnership with public or private institutions. The Fund’s investment strategy complements with its mission to accelerate economic development in the developing countries. It invests in companies that play a vital role in stimulating economic growth and creating job opportunities across sectors such as tourism, industry, holding companies, real estate, and private equities. To learn more about the companies where ADFD has equity interest, please visit the “Investment Portfolio” page.

 2. Management of Available Liquidity

       ADFD’s adopts a highly flexible and secure strategy in liquidity management to maximize its revenues. This is achieved through channelizing investments to various financial instruments that enjoy high levels of security, including bonds and bank deposits. The liquidity management strategy is designed to generate additional revenues and meet the financial obligations of ADFD in a timely manner.

Amount of ADFD Funding in 2013 by Category