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Project details

Serat Dam
  • Country
  • Tunisia
  • Year
  • 2005
  • Sector
  • Electricity & Water
  • Status
  • In Progress
  • Project Type
  • Loan

The provision of irrigation water is a major challenge for the rural population in many developing countries, especially those which do not have rivers that provide a steady stream of water, and have only seasonal rains. Within the framework of its support to the development process in Tunisia and the government's efforts to improve the standard of living of the population, ADFD contributed to the funding of a vital water and irrigation project in the area of Serat Valley in Tunisia. The project aimed to establish a dam in the valley with a storage capacity of about 21 million cubic meters of water to irrigate agricultural land in the Awlad Ghanem and Mahgouba plains, to contribute to the promotion of agricultural production within a wide geographical area inhabited by a large population. The project included the construction of the dam and the provision of the hydromechanical equipment, machinery and facilities required for the project, as well as constructing facilities for water pumping, storage and transport, extending irrigation and drainage networks and paving agricultural roads. The project also included advisory services necessary to review and complete the studies of the dam and its facilities, irrigation and drainage networks and supervision of the project implementation.

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